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Rich Higgins
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Dec. 30, 2015
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May 13
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Bridge Player

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Playing with my Dad for his final G'burg tourney
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Hot Springs Village
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Diamond Life Master
Rich Higgins
2 over 1
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New Suit After Transfer Over 2NT Rebid
T-Walsh and Wolff would allow opener to declare either major suit contract, except for part-score at 3 level. Without those agreements, playing 3 as transfer and not NMF, I would play 4 as natural since a fit has not been established yet. I would not be sure 3 ...
Draft ACBL Alert Procedure - Request for Comments
I suppose that is true if one wishes to stretch a point to the extreme, but I believe players can apply 'reasonable' judgment (based on a reasonable definition of 'reasonable'). I think the goal should be to limit the alert document to a page.
Draft ACBL Alert Procedure - Request for Comments
Danny, I think you could add explanatory comments such as what you say about differences in bidding agreements between players from different areas. Explain that the bidding pair has the responsibility to alert when there is a potential that opponents may not know the full meaning of a bid. It ...
BUYER BEWARE!!! Price gouging on the BBO App!!
Price gouging is typically when a seller takes advantage of demand during a natural disaster or other emergency situation. For instance, an area is under a hurricane warning so supplies such as plywood are in high demand. When the seller jacks up the price well above normal, they can be ...
Draft ACBL Alert Procedure - Request for Comments
Could the document be simplified to: 1) list the announce bids 2) list standard agreements that are expected to be known by all (e.g. Michaels, Stayman, ...) 3) alert any other bid that gives the bidding pair info not obvious to opponents (with explanation of when to alert immediately & when ...
Draft ACBL Alert Procedure - Request for Comments
I like an announce 'spades' for 1-1, but document seems to say differently under the listed announce bids: 1H showing spades after a 1C Opening and a Takeout Double: Announce “Spades”. So, announce is only done when a takeout dbl occurs? Also, no announce for 1-1 ...
Draft ACBL Alert Procedure - Request for Comments
The idea to prevent catching opps off-guard is good, as in the change to alert top & bottom cue-bid. What about 1M - 2NT reply that can be support with less than invite strength - some compressed Bergen users play this could be four card raise with any strength - even an alert of ...
DONT vs. Meckwell
When playing Meckwell, I like to respond to double as if it is both majors. 2 is longer spades or equal length majors, whereas 2 is longer hearts. When Meckwell bidder has a single-suited minor, only on the longer heart response will it need to be corrected to ...
Summer NABC Moved
April fool's jokes need a ring of credibility to work. They also need a bit of outrageousness, so you get that chagrin when you realize you've been had. My wife and I have been doing it to each other for 38 years now. At this point, we are ...
Summer NABC Moved
It seems like the world was happier before the advent of the internet and social commentary sites. Way back then, if a friend told you a joke, you usually laughed but sometimes you’d say that it was stupid or in poor taste or I don’t get it. That ...
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