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Richard Franklin
Richard Franklin
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Sept. 1, 2015
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6 hours ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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My regular partners are my best friend and my first cousin and I have been playing with both of them for more than 30 years. No murder/suicide (to date). :) Of lesser note, 2nd in the 2018 Red Ribbon Pairs, tied 3/4 in 2019 0-2500 Spingold, two other top 5 finishes. Hope to win one someday..
Regular Bridge Partners
David Venetianer, Peter Stein
Member of Bridge Club(s)
BBO, 7NT (Stamford, CT), Hartes (White Plains, NY)
Favorite Tournaments
Summer Nationals
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Ruby Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Cohen, Deas elected to Hall of Fame
The head of the Honeymooners' lodge was the Grand High Exalted Mystic Ruler. :)
Cohen, Deas elected to Hall of Fame
Agree. It would have been really great for Larry and Marty to be inducted together.
What Are We Going To Do About Slow Play?
This gives me a great idea - I think I have the solution. For chronically slow pairs, the directors should dress up as nuns, surround the offenders, and clang bells saying "Shame! Shame!! Shame!!!" a la Game of Thrones. Making the offending pair do a nude walk of shame optional, depending ...
What, if anything, do you miss about bridge in 1970?
I LOVE bidding boxes. It's really a completely different game now. People would differentiate their bids by their intonations. For example, the worst was "double" for a takeout double, "double!" for a penalty double, and "DOUBLE!!!" for a don't you dare pull this partner penalty double. Don't ...
A Psych Story
There is no one on this site, and I mean NO ONE, who if we singled out their worst bid or play, wouldn't look ridiculous. As we all know, this game is extremely humbling. I therefore think people should perhaps take this into account before writing unkind things like ...
A Decision I have never had to face before
Right? You're not going to be very happy if you double, and when it rides around back to him he bids 3C or 3H because he misclicked and accidentally passed, and now you let him escape from 2S! Who knows what's going on? Maybe the cat jumped on ...
My frustration with the ACBL reaches at an all time high
I agree Amir got way too bent out of shape from what clearly seems to have been a misunderstanding with one ACBL employee, and yet blamed the entire ACBL. Probably the frustration of his waiting 3 years to find out that what he thought he was told was the case ...
Bad Claim Case from San Francisco
Right? When I make a bonehead mistake of this magnitude, I want to quietly slink away from the table, mumble 7S down 1 to my teammates, and have as few people find out what really happened as possible. The LAST thing I would do is appeal so that it ends ...
My Online NABC - Introduction and Day 1
Board 5 should say LHO turns up with 9 MAJOR cards...
Online NABC - Congrats to Phil Clayton
Congratulations, Phil. You don't win this baby without some serious declaring chops. To Leo's point, it's really a shame that (due to obvious security issues) everybody can't play the same hands and have them matchpointed across the field! It's very far from being apples to ...
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