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Ronald Kalf
Ronald Kalf
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April 3, 2016
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about me

I am a retired IT product manager and live near Hamburg, Germany. I Played bridge in the Netherlands seriously 72-78, the last 3 seasons in the 2nd highest team league. BTW the NBB is the second largest bridge association in the world! Systems were KS, Roman Club, Precision, our homegrown LOB (M-openings 8-13 and a 14+ Precision like 1C), Romex, then back to KSU again. Moved to Germany because of a lovely women and stopped playing bridge until retirement at 60. Now playing German standard Forum D and first KSU then homegrown system based upon An Unassuming Club (courtesy of Don Varvel and David Goldfarb) with my regular partner. As you can see from the list, my motto is "Bridge is a bidders game".


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Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing against Belladonna-Sharif
Bridge Accomplishments
1st bridge life: I don't remember, it's too long ago. 2nd bridge life: winning the northern germany pairs competition 2018
Regular Bridge Partners
Georg Kippenberg
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Bridgeclub Elmshorn
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Simple Forcing Pass Situation?
Exactly! Your first sentence is our rule.
If a hesitation can be unethical can a quick bid also?
1N here does not promise a stopper for us, which we of course alert.
If a hesitation can be unethical can a quick bid also?
Any deviation from normal tempo with the purpose of misleading is unethical. If you want to play poker go ahead, but do it at the poker table.
Systems with no forcing opening bid or with all 1-level openings forcing
I can confirm that Roman 1-openings are forcing, but that won‘t help Julien, because all 2-openings aree constructive, not preemptive. I liked the canapé part. Neapolitan and its successor Blue (Team) Club are strong club systems.
What does a hesitation suggest here?
„Rubbish. If you have to think in advance about every possible response that partner makes, the game will become too slow to be worth playing.“ Richard, David, IMO the truth is somewhere inbetween. I am almost always prepared for the „usuall“ bids, including intervention. I can imagine that in this ...
No Race
Someone proposed a rather simplistic formula to calculate the most probable number of tricks: #tricks=(hcp-20)/3+#trumps. I checked this against DD results of 5.000 hands played in our club and found it to be true 69%, a difference of 1 trick 26% and 2 tricks 4%. Since ...
Common Leb mishap
Please explain „firm“
No Race
I would double 2 with 4 and 7 hcp. We have the majority of the points and you are playing in a 7crd-fit.
Common Leb mishap
„How would you prefer to disclose agreements to your opponents?“ I have a CC, opps can ask whenever they want. I am old enough to remember playing without alerts. I assure you that it‘s possible.
Common Leb mishap
From W point of view: playing leb 3N expresses doubt about , 2N-3-3N no doubt > P From E point of view: 3 is an impossible bid, obviously pard thinks 2N is leb, I have to bid 3N now. Note: E doesn‘t need the alert to know that ...

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