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Ruth Yeselson
Ruth Yeselson
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Feb. 4, 2012
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May 27
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Guidelines for BBO Vugraph Commentators
I think voice commentary is amazing. I almost always stay at one table when there is voice. I fall into the "average player" category and I learn a lot from the commentary, especially when commentators discuss what players might be thinking about when they go into the tank, or explain ...
Statement from Balicki on PBU site
Great translation! This shows if nothing else that B. expected Z. to know his bid of 3 was a minimum minimum (beyond minimum--not showing even as much as six clubs to the king). I beg indulgence for some non-expert questions: what does 1NT show in the auction? If 1NT ...
After a Transfer to Spades
No. Give up direct RKCB from responder. 4 natural or cue bid. Jump to 4NT over Xfer still Quant.
After a Transfer to Spades
If partner then signs off in 4, or cue bids 4red, then responder's 4Nt is RKCB.
After a Transfer to Spades
I play 1NT-2-2-4NT = Quant and 1NT-2-2-4 =RKCB. Same over Stayman sequences when opener shows a major: 1NT-2-2-4NT = Quant; 1NT-2-2-4 = RKCB. I thought this was a common agreement. No?
François "Dellache"'s lead problem: Q72 9875 98xxxx ---
Did you know forcing passes are alertable?
"Forcing pass" is a lovely oxymoron: sounds like ... "passive aggressive." When things get serious (4-level and above) and other people interfere in the relationship, pass(ive)-aggressive may be a risky strategy, no? I can see that it works on the one-level: 1NT (weak) X Pass (forces XX from opener ...
The Anti-Membership ACBL
I played in this event in the "B" flight. In all this long and interesting thread, what I like best is Aviv Shahaf's suggestion, above, to address the issue by offering a number of pre-approved sanctions for "special events" to all units. This would regularize the rules and awards ...
Kamil wins 2012 Lazard Sportsman of the Year Award
I can attest that Mike is not only courteous to his peers, but also to lesser players (like me, for example). A few months ago, I played a couple of boards against Mike in a local tournament. Although I misbid the first hand and misplayed the second, I came away ...
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