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Shawn Drenning
Shawn Drenning
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March 14, 2011
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Austin, TX player.  Trying to get better.

United States of America

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I have been on the cover of popular bridge publications such as the ACBL bridge bulletin
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Austin Bridge Center
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Sam Shawn
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Why is this day different from all others?
I kind of like this idea. I like playing against the very strong pro teams, but it's also fun to play against players closer to my actual skill level which can be harder to do in the current system.
Why is this day different from all others?
"The bracketed RRs are much, much, much more popular than the A/X Swiss, especially among the "low-X" players." In my proposed format it would be like Sunday was in Houston except that there would be no upper limit (or a really high upper limit) on who could participate in ...
Why is this day different from all others?
Buddy: I do not know all of the details of how you ended up in bracket 2, but I definitely would normally have sympathy if according to the rules you should have been in bracket 1 and were not. Hopefully the changes proposed by Daniel Jackson below will mean this ...
Why is this day different from all others?
I’m curious what your suggestion was? The Soloway seemed like a good improvement to the tournament. Do you know why the tournament cannot just run the top flight as an A/X Swiss? I thought doing it this way with no upper limit on how many masterpoints you can ...
Why is this day different from all others?
There is some reason (possibly related to master point awards) that District 16 won't run the top bracket as an A/X Swiss (except on Sunday).
Why is this day different from all others?
Some of us have advocated for a better approach to bracketing (see e.g., hopefully after your experience today you will be a more vocal supporter. All of the teams in bracket one ( have multiple ...
Bridge Rating Study - Follow Up
"Shawn, I'd bet a whole lot of money that at least 90% of ACBL's current membership doesn't give a fig about a rating system." I agree with this (based on my experience playing a lot of club bridge) and I do think it's important that anything ...
Bridge Rating Study - Follow Up
I agree it is a problem if a rating system discourages players from playing. Certainly I (and many others) play a lot of (say) club bridge where I'm not in top form and if a rating system discouraged this kind of more social bridge it would be a fatal ...
Bridge Rating Study - Follow Up
Jeff: I think it ought to also be viewed through the prism of serving the current membership and there is clearly a demand for it (at least in ACBL world). That said, while I do not think having a rating system would automatically increase membership, I think not having one ...
Most Pervasive "Bridge Club Myths" re Bidding?
I don't doubt they may be refusing to play these for the wrong reasons, but I often refuse to play conventions I know. Now granted if we sat down to play a session and you really wanted to play something and could explain it, I would probably agree to ...

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