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Shawn Drenning
Shawn Drenning
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March 14, 2011
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5 hours ago
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about me

Austin, TX player.  Trying to get better.

United States of America

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I have been on the cover of popular bridge publications such as the ACBL bridge bulletin
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Austin Bridge Center
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Sam Shawn
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2 over 1
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Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
Gwynn: I have been playing in ACBL events of all levels for ~10 years and have been involved in exactly one appeal (which I lost). Countless times (particularly at club games) there is one or more times where I believe an opponent has used UI to their advantage. Because it ...
One Disillusioned NLM
Amy: Suppose I am playing a 7nt contract and I have a suit in dummy of AKQ43 opposite 8762 in my hand and that dummy has no side entries (I found this example by googling unblocking play: Suppose I make a claim that involves ...
How should I act after a BIT?
Michael: I essentially agree with you. If I had already worked out to lead a diamond (or was on my way to that conclusion), I would probably do it and take my chances. If I had not, I hope I would not. Sort of what I meant by "I thought ...
How should I act after a BIT?
Should you make any allowances for the fact that at the table you might make a mistake and do something that is "illogical"? That is the part I found the most difficult about the BRB hand is that even if you believe that no leads makes sense other than a ...
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
Kit says: "The comment has nothing to do with anything" If you think that the diamond lead makes sense if you fully analyze the auction (as many seem to), but you think that N may make another lead because he may not be thinking about the right things (as Boye ...
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
I think the appeal case is a good concrete example of my vague "example" above. Suppose we accept that from the AI a diamond lead stands out and that for a player of Glubok's level, it would be a mistake not to lead a diamond. Even good players make ...
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
"I hope somehow that comparison doesn't lead us to a place where a mistake is a logical" How would you resolve situations like this then (not a rhetorical question)? Suppose there is a play that is clearly an error upon a full analysis, but at the table it is ...
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
Difference of opinion I guess. If you truly believe that Glubok was just as likely to make a diamond lead with or without the hesitation, then I agree this was an injustice. I just do not agree and I think any uncertainty should be resolved in favor of the non-offending ...
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
The polling system may not be ideal, but if the polled players overlooked a diamond lead that is enough to convince me there is some chance Glubok would have too. Even if he would have made this lead 99 out of 100 time (and with the BIT he always makes ...
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
"It is a lead that Glubok would make all day, that any of his peers would make all day," Except the peers they apparently polled that did not lead a diamond

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