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Stefan Olausson
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June 6, 2016
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Squeezed in 3 suits --- at trick#2 ??
Yes. Hindsight is always the best weapon :)
Squeezed in 3 suits --- at trick#2 ??
Yes, that's what actually happened at the table :) I threw a heart, and declarer took the winning line.
Martian Standard Defense to Big Club
(1♣) -- 2♥ 6-card heart suit, or 5 hearts and a 4+ card minor (1♣) -- 2♠ 6-card spade suit, or 5 spades and a 4+ card minor These two seems like a particularly bad idea, since responder cannot figure out which one you hold, without either going past 2M (when it ...
How do you play regular rdbl after partner started bidding?
IMX, Redoubling for strength/penalities is very rarely a useful tool (and is also one of the most abused tools in our game). After X and tangent-bid overcall, I think transfers are a much better use of the available bidding-space. For example: 1-(X)-XX = 4+ 1- ...
Standard or Upside-Down?
The "catch" being, of course that, esp. when only seeing two hands, it is often (like here) not obvious when chosing a spot-card, whether it can affect the outcome in number of tricks, vs whether knowing your diamond length later in the deal will be more beneficial to partner -- or ...
Standard or Upside-Down?
According to bbo's DD-engine, yes, it's a tie :) 9 tricks.
BBO Practice
I think you need to show the deal/scoreboard for others to comment on your question. What playing-mode were you in? i.e. how did you start the table/tourney?
BBO Practice
Hint: you can edit your text to fix typos :)
Stefan Olausson's bidding problem: K5 732 AKJ KT986
I didn't particularly like 2 either... I just dislike PASS more... :)
Christopher Donnelly's bidding problem: AQ9 9 T752 AKQ76
Why would pard "expect 6"? 2 is the std bid with 5+4 minimum hand.

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