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Steve Myerson
Steve Myerson
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April 13, 2013
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Deb Paul's bidding problem: Q872 K542 J65 52
I guess that West didn't see East's first double.
Just another flat board
What spade distribution did East think existed when declarer led a low spade from hand at trick 4?
A well selected opening lead
The initial 2 and pass are missing. East opened 2, South passed. Now the rest of the auction is correct, out of phase by 180 degrees on a compass.
Shailesh Gupta's bidding problem: Jx KQxx x QJxxxx
I noticed you are a 4 bidder. Do your partners ever bid a 3 card heart suit?
Leonard Hall's bidding problem: QT43 JT96 AT92 K
Has my hand changed since I bid 2?
ABC RKC Igrec Zed
Right! I'm not happy that partner has taken control when I have this moose, but I'm along for the ride. If it turns out that partner should not have taken control, we can have an interesting post-mortem.
Jon Gassaway's bidding problem: QJx x Kxx AKxxxx
Another easy to remember reply system to 2N: 3 - min hand, 3 trumps 3 - max hand, 3 trumps 3 - min hand, 4 trumps 3 - max hand, 4 trumps You can decide what range min and max are.
Irwin Miller's bidding problem: Ax QJx QT9x AQxx
3 asking partner for a spade stopper. Two stoppers should be enough for 3N. Otherwise we head for 5.
Steve Moese's bidding problem: 9 KJT97632 7 754
Sorry to have made you ill, but I want to play this hand in hearts, not necessarily at the 4 level. I would take a chance and pass initially, then hope to have a chance to bid hearts naturally.
David Liu's bidding problem: KQT762 K75 Q753 ---
[b]In 3rd seat at favorable vul, most of my partners are expecting 5 or 6 spades, not necessarily good.[/b] Surprise them once in a while.
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