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Steve Weinstein
Steve Weinstein
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June 25, 2010
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about me

I play bridge and poker for a living(less poker now that I can't play online) I feel very fortunate that I am able to earn a living playing games I truly love. My all-time bridge hero is Paul Soloway.

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
My first club game with my Dad
Bridge Accomplishments
Won a regional with Gavin
Regular Bridge Partners
Bobby Levin
Favorite Tournaments
The Cavendish
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Grand Life Master
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Another "what is standard?" poll
Jay- Interestingly, I would think all those auctions are NF(assuming the 2nd one was supposed to be 1M not 2M)
Another "what is standard?" poll
Before this poll, yes. Now I am not sure(maybe in mps yes and imps no) I would think my expert partner would q-bid, bid a new suit or jump to 3NT if he was really sweating me passing it.
Another "what is standard?" poll
I pick Josh! I would describe it as natural and forward going but not forcing.
Rule this Claim!
Mr Walter- The reason I wouldn't, Is it is unnecessary. If I have AQ in my hand with 12 top tricks, they lead that suit, I wouldn't say "if they play the king, I win the ace, otherwise I win with the Queen."On a different hand I ...
Rule this Claim!
On the Club lead you have 13 tricks so I feel it is a proper claim. If the lead was a Heart that is an entirely different story.
Rule this Claim!
If I were in 7NT and got a club lead on this hand and I was playing against a serous player(no matter the event) I would show my hand. Everyone would put their cards back, the same would happen if I were the defender. If this is breaking the ...
Assess This Bid
I abstained because I wouldn't do it. I would also rather my opponents didn't do it. I don't think that those options are mutually exclusive.
Suggested Defenses Against a MOSCITO type 1D or 1H opening
Along the lines of what Kit said, Using the 1(hearts) as an example, I would recommend playing: X= Takeout of Hearts emphasizing 's over clubs 1= Takeout of Hearts, clubs are at least equal to Diamonds All other bids are natural except 2 which is ...
If philosophy...
David- Interesting topic. With Bobby, we play that if they raise 1 to 2, a jump to 3 would be intermediate(limited raise AND they have a known fit) On the auction you gave, we would play the jump to 3 intermediate at vul/nv. Our ...
In The Well: Chip Martel
Chip, Thanks for going in the well and congrats on all your past and recent successes. I have had the good fortune of being your teammate many times over the years, thanks for that! One of my all time favorite hands came from the 2011 Vandy finals(no, not that ...

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