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Feb. 12, 2016
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No 4-card suit
Yes, you are right. I just realized that there are other ways of getting 9 4-card suits in a deal, E.g. N has 4-4-1-4, S has 3-4-2-4, E has 4-1-4-4 and W has 2-4-7-1. Likewise, if N has 4-4-1-4 and S has the same, while E has 4-1-4-4 then ...
No 4-card suit
I'm beginning to wonder if one can deal so that there are no deals with 9.10 or 11 four card suits. I just tested 9 print outs from ACBL games and counted all 4-card suits per deal and, and Then I calculated the % for each kind, and plotted ...
No 4-card suit
No ordinary textbook mentions the Fisher-Cornish distribution. It's math is far beyond my understanding. But it would be interesting to see the actual distribution of 0 to 12 4-card suits after million deals. I lack any kind of ability to program such a computer search. Maybe somebody cares enough ...
No 4-card suit
Sorry about the typo of your name. Would you be able to establish the frequencies for each number of no 4-card suit per 100, 1000, 10000, 100000 and 1000000 deals. One could then determine if the distribution is Binomial or Poisson type. A complete tabulation for 1 million deals would ...
No 4-card suit
Hi Hans, Now we are making progress. Can you please tell me how the numbers were obtained? Have they been published as part of another discussion? My own counts don't agree with 1.54%. So I would suggest that a computer program be written to count the number of ...
Responding with a 4-card suit
Late last night it suddenly dawned on me that opener could well have a 5-card spade suit and open 1C holding AJxxx-xx-x-KQxxx, because such a hand meets Bergen's count of 20 with 2 quick tricks. Old time Goren bidding using short suit counts would also qualify.This pattern has ...
Responding with a 4-card suit
When going to bed last night I suddenly realized I had made an error regarding the 4-4-4-1 hand. I stated that the Spade suit would be only 1/4 of the 3% when it clearly must be 3/4 of 3%. Thus the frequency of the hand should be 1 ...
Responding with a 4-card suit
The probability of 16 HCP is 3.3% and for the pattern 4-4-4-1 it is 3.0%, but only 1 in 4 such hand patterns have 4 Spades. Thus the overall probability of your proposed hand is 1 per 4000. How long are you willing to wait for it to ...
10 HCP hands all having one card ot each rank?
Lastly, does ACBL specify how to count HCP? Would the BUMRAP count 4.5-3-1.5-0.75-0.25 be allowed? E.g. Would Axxx-Axxx-JTx xx count as 10?
10 HCP hands all having one card ot each rank?
What is a conventional bid? Suppose I decide to open 1C to show 9-11 HCP and partner alerts it and explains it as artificial with no promise of the club suit, but rules out the ability to make a weak 2-bid. E.g. it could be a hand with 9 ...

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