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July 17, 2017
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Is this AI or UI?
My reading of Law 50E3 suggests that you are allowed to know that partner lead the 2 because it was a penalty card. To me 50E3 appears to be prohibiting drawing inferences from the action that lead to the 2 becoming a penalty card, rather than the fact it was ...
Is this AI or UI?
I disagree. I don't have to use any information about how a penalty card was created to know it was a penalty card.
UI or not?
Indeed. Before I read the poll options I had no idea if bidding was supposed to be disallowed or passing was!
UI or not?
Perhaps this: AKxx xx AKxxxx x But then again, I have no idea what P was tanking for. I also have no idea what was suggested by the UI.
Who should have done something else
I don't understand what is supposed to have gone wrong here. EDIT: The original North hand had a x rather than A. Given the new North hand, the pass over 4 is nuts.
Who should have done something else
Yes, the hand has been changed.
Apply LoTT or not?
Snap pass. They might easily have just missed a game, I'd rather not let them have another pop at it.
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I met Harvey when he visited the UK during my PhD. A Postdoc and I were helping proof read a particularly complex proof (it ran over 250 pages!) showing that a rather convoluted statement about sets of natural numbers is unprovable (in PA). He came and stayed with us for ...
Ankur Rathi's bidding problem: J976 T4 AQ6 AK75
Interesting. This was what I felt the X should show when I first looked at the problem, but I cannot work out why this shouldn’t be a normal forcing pass situation.
Yet Another Look
David, I may be missing something obvious, but it appears to be legal to play 1 - 2 as a game forcing raise, which will act as a "psychic control" by allowing opener to pass when they psyched.

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