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April 30, 2016
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Strange Regional Format: Gold Rush + Side Game, No Open Pairs??
Am I the only one frustrated because I have to call the director to 4 out of 5 tables just to find out what the ops are playing? They have no convention cards posted, no profiles listed, and when you try to ask them what they play, they act as ...
Terry Adamik's bidding problem: KQ A KQT84 AKT43
Of course I would have liked to defend 4x but how? We play x of 4h preempt is for takeout and promising a spade suit. If the auction went (4h) x (p) 4s (p) 5c . . should partner know it is to play in either 's or 's ...
Terry Adamik's bidding problem: KQ A KQT84 AKT43
OH and . . your point about posting the hands later is well taken. Next time I will do so!
Terry Adamik's bidding problem: KQ A KQT84 AKT43
Hi David and ty for the reply. So you would x and then if p bids 4 you would bid 4nt .. . partner will know this is to show minors? I would have thought key card for spades.
ACBL Losing Millions
Is there any way for the membership to sue the full time ACBL management and/or the volunteer administrators PERSONALLY for malpractice? NO. Everyone who is a member of the ACBL has already given up the right to sue, and is instead bound to arbitration. This includes the Management as ...
4th seat 4!h open
Looks like the "others" have it! Thanks to all for answering this! All good comments and definately worth the read.
4th seat 4!h open
Ha ha . . I expect you are right. This is why I asked the question. I hoped to get lots of responses and I knew I would learn lots by reading them. Thanks to all who helped me to understand ;)
Can you preempt in 4th seat?
This is an old thread, so I will post my question under a new heading.. . . 4th seat 4 open. Please look for it there.
Can you preempt in 4th seat?
On the subject of 4th seat preempts (or perhaps not) can someone please tell me what the 4 heart bid should mean in an auction that goes: p p p 4? (no alert)
Club level ruling . what do you think?
Someone deleted my last post too.
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