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Tom Peters
Tom Peters
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Nov. 28, 2014
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Sept. 12
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about me

Living in Maryland with Mary, my wonderful wife and frequent partner.

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Ruling - a revoke and a killing defense
"If they aren't UI, then there is a tremendous advantage to 'accidentally' revoking more often." Corrected revokes result in major penalty cards. That is a very strong reason to avoid revoking. Naturally there will be exceptions where a clever player can foresee that revoking would be a "good" play ...
Ruling - a revoke and a killing defense
"No doubt I will be corrected but it seems to me that you have to rule that (for NS) they will find the correct defence part of the time. (Maybe 40%)" That would be 40% -110 and 60% -130 for NS. You cannot give a non-offending side an adjusted score ...
Ruling - a revoke and a killing defense
"The fact the East holds the ♣J and that South holds (and would play) the ♣3 fourth on the trick are UI to North when he must select his play." What Law supports this? Note that Law 16C does not apply as these cards have not yet been withdrawn.
Ruling in Montreal
It's not that uncommon for ACBL Directors to leave the table and never come back with a ruling.
Ruling in Montreal
Marty, under the previous convention chart system all Mid-Chart and Superchart methods required pre-alerts. By abolishing and replacing these charts the ACBL made almost all of these methods not pre-alertable. Your committee basically gutted the pre-alerting regulations without even having significant discussions about what you were doing. Did the BoD ...
How a top expert would bid the South hand is completely irrelevant.
ATB oversave
Not all artificial bids. The ACBL bans psyching of artificial opening bids, artificial overcalls, and artificial responses below 2NT to opening bids and overcalls.
Ruling -- Illegal Convention
"The defense must be provisionally approved. A method is “provisionally approved” if an acknowledgement receipt was sent by the ACBL upon submission and either: (a) the committee sends an email granting provisional approval; or (b) it was submitted at least 30 days before the ACBL sanctioned event in which it ...
Ruling -- Illegal Convention
If you accept that agreeing to the 2 convention and using it are two separate infractions, then NOS is entitled to the best of 1) table result, 2) illegal agreement made but 2 not opened, and 3) no illegal agreement was made. In practice 2) would be North ...
Ruling -- Illegal Convention
Steve, notice that your B without A, opening the North hand with 2 without first agreeing to play 2 as conventional is not illegal.
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