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Ulf Nilsson
Ulf Nilsson
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Ulf Nilsson

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Ulf Nilsson's bidding problem: AT73 A654 AT 865
X led to 5S making. Pass meant 5Dx down 1 for a 10 imp loss. _________Q98xxx _________J1087x _________- _________K10 K__________________Jx K9x________________Q K9x________________QJxxxxxx AQxxxx_____________J9 _________A10xx _________Axxx _________Ax _________xxx (3D) pass (3NT) 4D (X) XX (5D) pass (p) X all p (3D) X (5D) 5S all pass
Ulf Nilsson's bidding problem: AT73 A654 AT 865
Yeh Cup. Helgemo passed, Nab doubled.
Ulf Nilsson's bidding problem: A962 K J87 AKQ95
At the table, pass was the winner. Kxx 10xx AKxxx xx When the opening was a strong club, both passed and blew a trick on defence, +300, couldn’t make own game. To clarify hand is from European Championships, I didn't look up field results.
Minor (suit) problem
I of course have a PDF also, need an email address.
Minor (suit) problem
"Four of the agreed minor" by Ulf Nilsson, The Bridge World, November 2011.
Ulf Nilsson's bidding problem: A962 K J87 AKQ95
I watched this on BBO, there both tables played big club system and auction started same way. Would that affect your choice?
2D Multi again - only in the ACBL.
FWIW, I agree. Just didn't care that day, spending my energy at the 'table action' instead.
2D Multi again - only in the ACBL.
Hi Richard, The main intent was not to draw attention to the behavior of this pair but to the rules and regulations. And to allow other pairs who may encounter this pair a chance to prepare for a possible 'situation'. I don't live in the US and when writing ...
“Strong” Multi on the Open Chart?
I have played this opening and it works fairly well. The constructive disadvantage was more than compensated for competitively when opp's frequently overcompeted.
Ulf Nilsson's bidding problem: JT75 AKJ54 J83 6
Partner had xx xx K9xxx Axxx 2S wasn't making, 3H was doubled for -500. Teammates took +500 from 2Hx.

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