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W J Sund
W J Sund
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July 2, 2010
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BBO Bots score 70% at the club
The bots play at a club here. Usually 10 tables. I checked the last 6 times they played - their worst result was 58% and the others range to high 60's. Majority of the players are silver life masters + or close.
Forcing or not?
This approach is not uncommon -- Reps 2 is inv+. Opener has 2 non-accept rebids 2 and 3 "old suits". Opener's 2NT creates a GF unless Resp simply repeats the 3rd suit Opener's raise of 3rd suit, a new suit or a jump create GF.
What is your opening bid and why?
I voted 1NT but not because I think the hand is 14.5 to 17.5, it seems fractionally better than that. But the cost of a 1NT response, or not getting a Spade lead vs NT, or the later blind defense, or just the positional advantage on any lead ...
Has anyone timed a sectional tournament f2f to see how much of the 21 min per 3 boards in actual cards-in-hand bidding and playing vs moving, score entry, putting dummy down, etc ?
Jim Mundy Nails ACBL Online Practice Day 2 with 98.66% Game
I'm revising mine downward. After just 16 boards there are only 2 players at 74% or higher out of 1302 results. There are about 60 players with under 30% who likely won't pay $50 to see that again, so the field will toughen a bit.
What does the 3C bid mean?
All my partnership notes start with versions of - If it's undiscussed then it's a) Natural and b) the weaker of reasonable possibilities. We don't invent 'obvious' interpretations mid-auction. That means we don't have the fun that Marshal Miles had with his partners at the table but ...
Marko KučAn's bidding problem: AQ42 KQ8 A974 Q8
Imps does make it tougher. At rubber or Chicago we'd just bid 7NT then redouble and split the profit with the opponents.
In the Well: Jeff Meckstroth
Hi Jeff, A 'play' or 'bidding' comparison. Large Regional IMP KO. You're in a tag-team where you and Eric are interchangeable with two top 'regional pro' winners. You can choose either -- 1) they bid the hands, then you and Eric play and defend. or 2) You and Eric bid ...
(1m) - 1NT - ( 2m) - ?
1) dbl is neg. rest of sys on. 2) dbl is neg. sys off. Leb variation on.
In the Well: Eddie Wold
How much, if any, do you adjust your system or style toward more bashing and less disclosure when playing matchpoints?

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