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Wouter Fitski
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March 9, 2016
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ATB - Missed Game
3 doesnt show more hcp than 2 would, it simply shows more spades, 6 at the very least without much support in the other suits. your bidding has been fine.
What would you say about this auction ?
Seems like West got cold feet after his dubious take-out double. 3 seems forcing to me. For west: just bid 2NT directly, or dont dbl at all. Pass 100% denies a hearth stopper in my book (similar hand but switch K with a club). For east: why rdbl ...
4-level Cue-bid of Opponent's Suit
Depends a lot on agreements imo - 3 seems like general values/natural trying to go for 3NT, which makes it hard setting clubs as trumps. - Would a direct 4 by north over 3 be forcing or not? If forcing then that would make the bidding far more ...
David Wetzel's bidding problem: KQ986542 --- --- JT942
Is this a forcing pass situation? Although questionable I think it is. P could have therefore passed and pulled out of your double to invite for slam. He didnt so pass seems the right call
ATB - Wrong Game
I call BS on this one, your p mention is not only extremely results oriented (see majors reversed) but prob wrong in the long run. It is generally unwise to not mention a fit directly when the auction turns competitive. You have no idea whether or not you are able ...
Interpretations wanted, please
West could have bid 5NT to ask p for both his suits, 6 must therefore show real clubs. (That doesn't mean east will always pass though.)
AI and Chess
As does, BTW, your insult to computer bridge programmers. - in no way do I mean that computer bridge programmers are bad at their job, on the contrary. I do think its a simple fact that programmers employed by google (or apple etc) are far better at it, hence their employment ...
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: JT53 AKJ97 94 A9
If p passes im def happy, but in my partnerships dbl is not 100% penalty. Anyway, dbl stands
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: JT53 AKJ97 94 A9
I like dbl and converting 2 to 2. Partner should be able to deduct that we have both majors with longer hearths. 2 cant possibly be strong since we passed initially.
AI and Chess
Then why are they so pathetically bad today? - Very simple, money and time. The Comp that played Go and chess was made by programmers from google, some of the smartest people in the world with an infinite budget and more than enough time. The people who so far made bridge ...

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