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Feb. 10, 2012
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May 31
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Bronze Life Master
Rubinchik/Zhang Polish Club
Polish Club
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Open Letter to the ACBL on Covid-19
What's out of control is the outright denial of a public health crisis that will become a catastrophe if social distancing actions are not taken. Do you think China shut down the entire country at great economic loss for shits and giggles?
Corona Virus Poll for the Spring National
I understand that the virus has only come to the US in the last few days and there are relatively few cases so far. But there is plenty of information already public from the ongoing outbreaks in China, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Iran, etc, and there should be more respect ...
NY Regional 7 pm Horizontal IMP Pairs (Wednesday - Thursday) May, 24 -25
Hi, I'm also looking for a partner for this event. I'll send a PM with details
Are 16 HCP a Must for Precision 1 Club
Precision is my preferred system. I would gladly open 1C on hands short of 16 HCP that I thought were worth that much, except for the fact that it's necessarily some distributional hand with 13 HCP or so, thus the opponents have something and will feel that they got ...
An Elo Rating System for Bridge
I think this is a no-brainer for those of us who play bridge to improve our games, compete, and win (probably most people on this website). The power ratings on the Colorado springs website are a great start but it needs to be expanded and made standard. If you were ...
(pre-)alerting the Overcall Structure
I played this system with a regular partner. What you're required to prealert are the extremely light 1-level overcalls (4-14, could be a bad 4 card suit), and you must alert when such an overcall is made i.e. (1D)-1S is alertable. I think all of the other ...
ACBL Rules Query "Is it just bridge?"
I've had this discussion before with you, Zack, and some others. I believe Flader is firmly in the wrong here. In the definition of a balanced hand, the GCC has an "out" for the director's discretion, i.e. the word "generally", but it does then after that immediately ...
The Balanced Club
Basically you've imported the weakness of Polish club (multi-way and "could be short" 1C opening) without importing its strengths (club hands in 1C are stronger, other openings are limited).
The Balanced Club
If you're going to play this, why don't you just play Polish Club?
You be the judge, jury, and executioner!
Wait, the Precision "nebulous 1" is a conventional bid now? Or is that because this variant only promises 0? I thought that if it promised 2 as usual it would not fall under conventional.

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